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The Chad’s Legacy Project Certified Peer Counselor Training Scholarship, provides an opportunity to those wishing to become a Certified Peer Counselor through the Washington State Healthcare Authority CPC training program. This CLP Scholarship of up to $700 per trainee is reserved for those not already receiving compensation for attending an upcoming Certified Peer Counselor training, creating a financial hardship in time taken off from work.


Scholarships for upcoming trainings are awarded based on completed application, availability of Chad’s Legacy funds, and the following requirements:


  • Reserved for those not already receiving compensation for attending training

  • Attach a completed Community Endorsement Form in Section 4 (see section 4 for explanation),

                    or mail a hard copy to the location also designated in Section 4

  • Have been in recovery for at least one year

  • Are currently living and plan to continue living in Washington State

  • Intend to work in the Behavioral Health System as a CPC within 6 mos.

  • Agree to participate in a quarterly survey in the 12 months following training

  • As the intent is to enable those that cannot attend otherwise, attendees to past trainings are ineligible for application.

Section 1.


Are you currently employed (including non-behavioral health)
Have you volunteered for any Behavioral Health organization?

Section 2.


Have you already applied to attend Certified Peer Counselor Training?
Have you already been approved by DBHR/HCA for a CPC training?
Have you been awarded supportive funds from another organization to attend training?

If yes, what amount have you been awarded?

If yes, how much in additional funds do you feel you would need to be able to attend training?

Section 3.


Please describe how you would use your life experience in your work as a Certified Peer Counselor:

(1000 characters max)

Please describe how you would use this opportunity within your short-term employment goals (6-12 mos): 

(500 characters max)

Please describe how you would use this opportunity within your long-term employment goals (3-5 yrs): 

(500 characters max)

Section 4.


Please upload your completed and signed Community Endorsement Form. A Community Endorsee is an organization that has the capacity to hire Certified Peer Counselors. This does not include non-profits that provide support to the community but do not act as providers with Certified Peer Counselors.


If you cannot attach an electronic version of your form, you may also note that in your application and mail the hard copy of the form to:

Chad's Legacy Project

c/o Peer Endorsement Forms

PO Box 16689

Seattle, WA 98116

Applications are not complete without a

Community Endorsement Form.

Upload File

Section 5.


I understand that if I am awarded this grant, I will receive awarded funds within fourteen days upon showing proof of completion of training. I also state my intent to joining the workforce as an employed Certified Peer Counselor in Washington State within 6 months of receiving training and will provide Chad’s Legacy Project confirmation of employment upon hiring. I have answered all questions truthfully and understand the requirements for this scholarship as described at the introduction of this application. I agree, to the best of my ability, to follow all requirements listed.

Thank you for submitting an application! We select applicants

the first week of each month based on available funds

and will reach out to you after determinations.

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