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Programs Supporting the Mental Health Community

Material Support for Mental Health First Aid Instructors

A common obstacle for trainers in Mental Health First Aid serving rural Washington areas is the cost of materials, primarily manuals provided to attendees. Trainers often donate their time for training, but the cost of manuals can be prohibitive to many communities wishing to participate in this program. The MHFA & Youth MHFA Material Support Fund gives CLP the ability to purchase needed supplies on behalf of Washington State trainers outside of King County where grants and public funds may not exist. Already recognized by the National Council for Behavioral Health in Washington DC. as a breakthrough program, we are very excited to offer this opportunity to remove barriers and further enable trainers across Washington State. If you are an instructor with willing participants and you cannot schedule a class for to manual costs, complete the linked application below and we will contact you to coordinate a purchase through this support fund.


Certified Peer Counselor Training Scholarship

Chad’s Legacy Project believes Certified Peer Counselors represent a new front-line service in the chain of care for Behavioral Health and Opioid Abuse. Lived experience and proof of the possibility of recovery gives the Certified Peer Counselor a unique ability to gain trust with an individual needing but is unwilling to receive care, for any number of reasons. A Peer Counselor also has the ability to help a client negotiate a complex health delivery system they would otherwise not be able to successfully navigate. New data shows this partnership improves access and management of care and ultimately outcomes. But as a prospective trainee, you probably understand this very well.


Often, we ask heroes to step forward, then we create obstacles for those very same people that block them from obtaining new heights. One key obstacle in expanding the Peer workforce is the reality that, while certification training is free, the cost of taking a week off of work to attend training if not already employed in the Behavioral Health world provides hardship. Sometimes it means a choice between food, rent, or training. The CLP Certified Peer Support Counselor Scholarship Fund will provide funds to offset that loss or lack of work. On an application basis, we are looking for those that do not have a clear path to training, who otherwise would be left to stand on the sidelines, but have the recovery experience and capability to become a successful Certified Peer Counselor. Chad's Legacy Project aims to help build the CPC workforce through the Chad's Legacy Project Certified Peer Counselor Training Scholarship.

CLP Certified Peer Counselor Training Scholarship Application:



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