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Initiatives and Ongoing Projects

The Chad's Legacy Project has outlined three key areas of opportunity in the world of Mental Health.

1) Mental Health Education in schools is a primary focus to eliminate the stigma attached to Mental Illness and reduce the current delay between onset and diagnosis/treatment. We are also committed to advancing Mental Health First Aid into the mainstream, boosting community awareness and intervention/support skills.

2)Access and coordination of care must be improved so that those that suffer can obtain appropriate help and treatment early without waiting in a long cue for critically needed care. We believe the Peer workforce is a key component to that.

3)Removing silos in research and innovations to create enhanced therapies and new breakthroughs in causes of Mental Illness, systems and care innovations are the cornerstone of making Mental Illness a treatable disease not unlike physical health diseases.

Visit the pages below to lean more about each initiative and what Chad's Legacy Project is doing toward those initiatives:

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