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Vision and Mission

The Chad’s Legacy Project was created by Todd and Laura Crooks shortly after the loss of their oldest son, Chad. He had battled Schizophrenia and, at 21 years of age, lost his battle with the disease in spite of full access to current Mental Health care. Chad died by suicide on January 21st, 2016.

Our Vision:

To one day see a clear and more effective pathway in the treatment of mental illness, and a reliable prognosis for positive recovery; a future where mental illness is regarded as a disease rather than weakness and a time when families and friends also have the tools to easily support loved ones.

The Mission of Chad’s Legacy Project:

  • Create an environment through education to eliminate stigma around mental illness.

  • Help to boost effectiveness of current treatment pathways through the advent of proactive care coordination and management.

  • Aid the efforts in psychiatric research and innovations.

  • Identify existing limited pockets of excellence and work to elevate them into broader systems of excellence

We believe small ripples can become transformative waves.

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