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Greetings Chad’s Legacy scholarship recipient,


Within your application for the CPC scholarship you received, you agreed to take a periodic survey on your progress to help us evaluate the effectiveness and value of this scholarship program. Thank you in advance for your time in sharing your experience with us. The information you provide is merely for our own evaluation of the program and not an evaluation of your singular experience.

1. Since completing your training, have you seeked employment within the behavioral health field as a CPC?
2. If yes, have you succeeded in gaining employment?

3. If you have been seeking employment in the behavioral health field, but have not been able to find work as of yet, please describe the obstacles you have encountered in your search:

4. Please briefly describe the impact the scholarship has had in your journey since your training:

5. Would you be willing to share your experience on a video used for future fundraising for the CLP Peer Scholarship Fund?

6. Please use this opportunity to share any additional thoughts you may have regarding your training, your work, or your personal experience:

Thank you for participating in the CPC Scholarship Grantee Survey. We greatly appreciate your time in helping us track the effectiveness of our efforts.

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