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A Night to Remember

September 10th, 2016

This was the inaugural Chad's Legacy Project fundraising event. "Unmask the Night" not only proved to be a memorable party, but an important moment in the direction for both education and care for mental illness in our region.  We debuted the new short documentary, "Chad's Legacy; Ending the Stigma of Mental Illness" and raised funds to create and sponsor an event in 2017 that promises to transform how Mental Health Care is accessed and provided in our region and beyond.

Along with our mission of advancing mental health education and research is the funding and creation of a state-wide Mental Health Summit in Washington State. Planning for 2017 has begun and we are working on partnerships with the University of Washington, King County Government and others across the state. This event will bring mental health professionals, payers, educators and governmental representatives together in our region to create agendas and action plans in the path forward for the first time. The vision and goal is a new level of coordination and collaboration in care and access that will transform how mental illness is treated and supported across our region and, ultimately, nationally. 

But don't worry, even if you missed this incredible event, you can still be part of the creation of this impactful Summit.  Donate to Chad's Fund now and we'll use every dollar to create an event that will be a model for other states!

Thank you to our primary sponsors of Unmask the Night!

All attendees agree, the venue was impeccable, with food that rivaled any caterer in town. A tremendos thank you to Duos Lounge and catering for the use of thieir fabulous space and the first rate food and bartending. Marcus is a master at the bar!

The event had the polish of a six to seven figure event, thanks to the design expertise and installation mastery of Warp Exhibits. See the Unmask: The Photo Gallery page for images of thier work at Unmask the Night. Not only did they design, fabricate and install the fabric structures you see there, but they also created, produced and filled the goodie bags that were provided to guests. No other vendor or sponsor had a larger part in making Unmask the Night the evening it was. We are so grateful for their tremendous contribution to this cause. Visit the Warp website for a gallery of all the cool stuff they do!

Our music for the first half of the night was second to none!

The Chris Amemiya Trio:

Chris Amemiya - Trombone

Milo Peterson - Guitar

John Hansen - Piano

Special Sponsors of "Unmask the Night":

Another important contribution to the evening was the donation of beer, wine and spirits that we poured for guests. Plain Cellars donated at beautiful Cabernet that completely sold out and clearly the wine of the night. Naked City and Flying Bike breweries in Greenwood provided a keg of beer each, rounding out the full compliment of spirits we had. Quality Auto & Electric donated a tremendous amount of spirits, with Sparkle Donkey/Black Rock Spirits providing two cases of Tequila and Reposado for the two signature drinks of the night, now a cult favorite at Duos Lounge. When at Duos, ask for the "Chaddy Boy" and the "D'Oro Mask"!

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